25th - 26th February: Superstition Research and Presentation

Over the course of Wednesday, I researched more into superstitions which I started to find very interesting. What got me to this point was the my own knowledge of knocking on wood three times when someone says something bad. Researching into this superstition, I found that one of the origins was from olden days when people would go out into the forest and tell each other their secrets, then after they were done, they would knock on the trees to ward off the evil spirits that supposedly lived in the trees. Looking more into superstitions, I found that a lot of illustrators had taken on this topic before as it is one that is quite interesting in it’s narrative. A very key source was the Art of Superstition which was an exhibition held in the Copper House Gallery a couple of years ago by the Illustrators Ireland. It gathered a lot of artists to make their own interpretation on superstitions. Their approach is much more literal and I can start with a literal approach to this subject, then develop it further into something less obvious. 

Another great inspiration was from an exhibition several years ago in the Science Museum called Some People Believe by Jordan Baseman. Baseman wanted to examine people’s relationships to objects and the fear or wonder which they may cause (particularly through superstitions). He responded to this by creating labels that were identical to the original ones in the Science Museum and laid them next to objects already existing in the museum. However all these labels were all facts about people’s superstitions throughout history. What was frustrating researching Baseman’s work was the lack of information that I could find anywhere as the exhibition was held in 1999. I tried researching on the school catalogue and online but was unable to find much information about it. Researching more I found a lot of different artists’ responses to superstitions. 

As I looked into  the origins of superstitions, I found some great illustrations by Diane Sudkya titled Folk in which she created her own fantasy world and has her narrative with the images. I found this very interesting and as a future take on this project. Perhaps I can explore more origins of superstitions and create my own superstition and it’s origin.

On Thursday, we presented out research to the group. Joao suggested that I look more in the origin of these superstitions which is what I am planning to do over the course of the rest of this week and next week. 

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