24th February: One Day Scale Project

Today’s class was focused on making us begin to work rather than just research. We were required to create a piece of work related to our project and that dealt with scale.  At first, I explored several ideas of working with continual multiplication, a theme which I found after exploring things such as the Golden Ratio or Carl Andre’s work. However, the continual multiplication idea wasn’t giving me many ideas that I could work with so instead I tried taking this project down a different route, with ideas from Joao’s suggestion yesterday to look into folklore. I looked into ways in which three were bad in superstition such as lighting three cigarettes in a row was bad luck as the third to get light his cigarette would die. Another superstition which interested me was that in some cultures, taking a photo with three people is deemed as bad luck because the person in the middle is said to die sooner than the other two.  I wanted to translate the second idea into some sort of interesting model for the audience to see. As it was a good day today and we were in the Archway room, I wanted to utilize the natural lighting and blue skies outside. At first, I experimented with cut outs of paper and sticking them to the window to show areas of the sky behind the paper. After a bit of experimentation with paper, I decided on an idea of cutting out the outline of the three figures in one picture, then in the second picture have the middle person completely removed from the paper so that their space is simply filled by the sky. As I continued to cut out the outlines, I accidentally cut too much out. But I found through this mistake, that lifting the figures out was much more interesting and made it even more three dimensional. So instead, I cut out the figures completely so that they would stand up and have the cutouts as their shadow. 

The next part was deciding on a good way to present this piece. As I had learned through a week in Fine Art sculpture, context is very important when presenting a piece. So instead of just laying it down on the table with my sketchbook, I decided to tie them to the window bars so that they were hanging. The end result created a very interesting image with the blue skies and afternoon lighting. I was very happy with the final piece. Maybe I can try developing this more. Since the beginning of this project, I have wanted to deal with narrative and superstitions seem like an interesting idea. 

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