21nd - 23rd February: Research & Group Tutorial

Over the weekend, I researched more into things that come in three. I compiled a list together in my sketchbook and tried to visualize some of them to see where I could go with that. However, it seemed like a dead end and I just ended up with images which related to three. There was nothing to tie it all together. I am feeling really stuck. 

I did some more research on threes and numbers in the universe, drawing information from several books as well as online research. I found that a triangle is the most stable shape and is often utilized in buildings. An interesting concept which I found in Nature’s Numbers: Discovering Order and Pattern in the Universe, is that there are two theories of nature, one is that the universe obeys rules while the other is that the universe is “flux” or completely random. An interesting quote was “But the world cannot be totally chaotic, otherwise we would not be able to survive in it.” This entire book is dedicated to deciphering the pattern, symmetry and numbers in the universe and it is just interesting in general to examine how everything may or may not have a purpose. In another book, Geometry in Design, under the section titled Cognitive Proportion Preferences, I found that the golden section can be found in things such as Stonehenge or Renaissance art. Gustav Fechner, a German psychologist actually analyzed this preference and found that the majority of people prefered a rectangle in the golden proportion the most. It is amazing how something unspoken can be subconsciously found the most pleasing across all people

Luckily, we had a group tutorial on Monday with Joao and some of my classmates. It was very interesting and motivating to see other classmates’ work and after presenting my research to everyone, I was lucky enough to receive some good feedback on directions to take my project. It seemed as if I was trying to get ahead of my project without the basic research that is needed and Joao reminded me of this. He advised me to research into all possible routes to take this topic down, before I started to create work based off of it. I was suggested by others to look into folklore or tradition as it relates directly to my subject. This idea, immediately reminded me of knocking on wood, a tradition which even some of my friends exhibit.

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