18th - 19th February: Magnificent Obsessions & Research

Today I visited the Magnificent Obsessions exhibition at the Barbican. I really enjoyed this exhibition and it had a lot to do with my subject. I found it particularly interesting as to how each section of the exhibition was ordered. Prior to today, I had some some research on Sol Lewitt’s work after being introduced to it by Rob. His ordered manner of producing works particularly interested me and the research paid off as there were several of Sol Lewitt’s works that were displayed in Magnificent Obsessions. His Autobiography series captivated my attention and was also relevant to my works. Autobiography were a series of photographs categorized into 3x3 squares of things that were similar. This is an interesting idea that I can explore later on.  The entirety of the exhibition dealt with order and the different ways people ordered the things that they collected. It was interesting to see the different yet similar things that were collected together. 

In terms of this project, I am still feeling a bit lost and I feel as if I may have bitten off more than I can chew when it comes to this subject. However, I am hoping that as this project goes on, I will be able to find more information which can guide me towards the right direction. 

When I returned home, I researched into Carl Andre’s work which was also recommended by Rob to look into. Carl Andre is more known for this three dimensional works made from perspex or wood and come in simple geometric forms. His works are very interesting as he seems to create a rule and apply that into the works that he creates - Sol Lewitt seems to have a similar approach as well. Carl Andre’s works reminded me of MC Escher’s prints which led me to research more into MC Escher’s iconography. The entirety of these works focuses on a pattern that unfolds in the pieces, however, I am unsure if I want to focus on this type of theme when it comes to my work. 

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