I made the joining part by using brass this material in the metal workshop today. This material is much softer than steel and other materials. What’s more, I can join them together and without having an ugly joining part. 

I had learned some skills from jewellery students and tutor Karla. I knew that If I used cutting tools to cut the brass bar, the cutting point will not be rough, which will be flat and can be joined perfectly. Then I can join them together nicely. Another thing was that If I preheat this material and then put it into water to cool it down, which will make this material become softer, then I can bend it to the shape I want easier. 

After putting the joining point together, I need to put another kinds of metal on it, and then solder them together. I need to be really careful to control the temperature because If I fire too long, it will make the brass too soft or even melted.

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