Unit 7 Evaluation


My Project is based around the themes of suppression and rebellion in ‘A Clockwork Orange’ by Anthony Burgess with the title ‘If someone hits you, you hit back, do you not?’. I wanted to show this idea through material and movement and I think I have stayed on that path the entire time with variations in my designs; this was constantly changing as I looked at designs based around, flowers, tribal wear, alternative fashion and traditional dance costume.  The type of movement I wanted to use changed very close to the filming of my piece when my tutor suggested that I should challenge the common use of chiffon in costumes which is leaping spinning and jumping and perhaps look at more distorted movements; this idea worked. The shapes of the body and movement in my final video differ completely from some of my earlier sketches. If I could start my project again I wouldn’t have narrowed down my colour palette so quickly to red and white, I think I would play around with more colours that are not so central in ‘A Clockwork Orange’.


I have researched a wide range of sources in this project and used this as inspiration when designing and working towards my final piece. I am really happy with my outcomes and I think they reflect the themes of my project clearly and effectively. To make my project stronger I would have liked to have made some more time for experimentation with material and colour and I think this is my weakness, I experiment in my drawings and research but not enough physically; if I could do this project again I would experiment more.

I would love to take my ideas in this project further; I really enjoyed layering up the materials in the wig and neck piece, it worked well with my dancer’s movements. I would like to look at movement more because I really enjoyed constructing a costume purposely for dance. I could take this project further by looking at more materials that suppress movement and others that enhance it. I don’t think that I would get bored of this project because rebellion and suppression is happening every day around the world.

Looking back on my project I could have developed and built on one of my earlier sketches more which depicted an excess of fabric with a floating and tangled look to it, I stripped my costume back, but perhaps I could have bought more fabric to experiment with that early idea. In terms of research I think I would have benefitted from seeing more performances as they were really helpful with my choreography ideas.

Overall, I have achieved what I set out to do in my proposal. I wanted to design a costume that showed how the body could be suppressed and how that could lead to the need for freedom and rebellion. I think that my outcomes translate these ideas, I am happy with the project and the possibility for it to be open-ended.


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