I had a tutorial with Chris today. I was given feedback that did not have enough research and because I did a lot of collages, all I had were mood boards and not the actual project. I need more development with the elements in the mood board. He wanted me to choose between the police uniform or street cleaner uniform, and study more deeply into such elements. Now in my sketchbook pages, the images are kind of all over the place such as in my mood board for the club scenes, some of them were from the 60s, 80s, and recent.  Also, I need more study in the party people in a specific time period. So I am thinking of doing more researching in the elements of 80-90's rave culture and the police uniform, particularly in pockets. After I went back home, I changed some images in my mood boards so they were all from the 80-90s and did more study of pockets of police uniforms.

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