Action Painting technique

The action painting technique we can mostly see in works of abstract expressionist artists.. By throwing the paint on canvas artists rely heavily on chance. It was the ,,chance” that made their art so emotional and full of energy. This technique precluded  calm and melancholic paintings. Only when we compare two paintings we can say ,, that one is more emotional or calmer then the other. When we look at individual works we can see energy, anger, rebellion.  I used this technique in my project because I wanted to add exactly this kind of emotions to the final outcome. 

When we look at single work of art., actually the first associations are energy, anger, rebellion. In my project this technique had to add these emotions. Artists representing abstract expressionism coined the term “subjective case”. An artist had the right to call art anything what was created. In my project this concept does not work. Painting is just a part of my project and has to harmonize with geometry of the whole.    


Outside this, I work on three-dimensional form, where time and special solutions are essential for my project. There is some drama in it. It is not just an object covered with paint. A different reality is revealed to us from a different angle. Even while emotionally splashing paint there is a way to control the interactions of colors and expression of stains. They fall into dialogue, depending on point of view. 



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