change material

As I said at the beginning, creating my project from  the patchwork was an experiment. Many layers of acrylic paint made my fabric more flat. If I wanted to use it only for a part of my project, the fabric would be perfect. However my intention was to create a costume which would be made only from this material. One of my inspiration for this project came from constructivist artists. I hoped to form the fabric in such way that I would be able to place on it simple geometrical shapes. It was really hard to achieve this even with my patchwork coarsely painted. Visually, the project was still not pure and clear.


I decided to experiment with different fabric linen canvas - far more thinner and stiffer. On the back side I lined it with additional material to make it even more stiff.  I still want to use the technique of painting on canvas. On the first try the painted fabric looked very interesting. Since I have the material which is not fluffy and soft I will be able to  use the rub off technique to get colors shading and the base color of the fabric. With this new material I will try to obtain exactly similar shape and geometry as in my initial attempt. I have a need to create bigger contrast between the pure geometrical forms in my costume and the expression of paintings on it. I do not dismiss the of coarse patchwork solution, but I still have time to try the same idea and technique on some other material.

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