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John Baldessari was another opening that I went to at the Marian Goodman Gallery. His work reminded me a lot of the Pierre Bismuth work. It wasn't just the fact that they were both working with found images, it was more their examination of the layers of visual language. Baldessari took it another way, rather than the work dealing with something that the actor does he works with combining things that the actors are completely not connected to. 

I like the idea of combining different things that are happening in the same space of time (in this scenario its script and image which is in a movie, so that time space is as if it's simultaneous). It makes me think of the illegal chinese copies that sometimes I've come across, where the subtitles are for the wrong movie, so as it goes along there may be a devastating scene on and the subtitles are saying something completely the opposite in almost an insulting way. 

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