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Bismuth, in this series, did a very interesting thing that inspired me more than I knew when I first looked at it. Looking at what I've been doing with my hole punched photographs, the most successful ones have involved people in them, and the most interesting thing is that those people are completely unaware of the photograph, or the hole punch, or the fact that if I had pointed the camera one centimeter to the right they would have been left unrecorded (if the hole punch covered them).  So Bismuth did something very similar, with it's studies of these movie scenes. Basically its a line documenting the line of sight that the actors or actresses carry out throughout the shot. There's something very interesting and very indicative of the mood of the scene. Again it's the unaware part that I'm interested in. These actors never would have thought that somebody would analyze their eye movements in this kind of way, and maybe that's why they're so revealing.

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