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I went to this gallery at the Marian Goodman Gallery to see Danh Vo's new work. Danh Vo is a Danish and Vietnamese artist who rose to prominence making life size reproductions of parts of the statue of liberty. I had seen his work before, but never processed it as his or as something that I liked. I completely missed out on the statue of liberty part. I was blown away by this exhibition, though. I definitely didn't expect to find this incredible sculptural collage of actual antiquities. Looking at them inspired so many ideas throughout the day. Again, this is such a confident approach to art making, in the same way that Christian Marclays is.


Both seem to deal with simultaneousness extensively, and I've become very interested in that idea recently. Vo really highlights that through making compositions collecting different things from different times and places on earth. So it's not representing simultaneousness per se but it is collected now, and it  makes me think of the world that we live in today, brought together mainly by religion which is now becoming more and more irrelevant in first world countries, as technology starts to reign over everything.


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