Today we had peer assessments which was really helpful in showing us how to check our work against the assessment criteria. We circled around the room looking at eachother's work and grading it against the criteria, seeing how other people work is really beneficial as I can pick up on what they have included in their workflow that perhaps I have missed out or I could add more to. I learnt from today that I should make my action plans more clear so I have printed them off to have evidence on workflow and in a separate physical file. I think I might also benefit from evaluating my problems more here, I dont think I explain well enough sometimes the problems I face and how I attempt to solve them .

A problem I came across today was that I may not be able to drill into my allocated wall in order to hang my monitor on which my video will be displayed. I was thinking about using hooks that are used to hang photo frames or installing a shelf but this is not possible without drilling or hammering a screw into the wall. So I sought some advice from my tuto who told me to research into command tape, this product is super strong and sticks to walls, It comes in variations of strips of tape and hooks with the tape on the back so that they may stick to the wall. I think I will have a look for this product on Sunday as I am working this weekend so this will be my last chance to get supplies really and I would like to know that I have everything prepared and read for Monday so that it is not a big rush on Tuesday to submit and hang my work. 

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