I went to the Tate Modern today, in order to see the marlene dumas exhibition. it was not actually my type of art, in which i thought, was not very touching, personally. more than the exhibition, i found the short out-of-london drive with my friend was more inspirational, where i got the chance to feel the easter break. during our drive, we suddenly saw a temporary amusement park called 'fun fair' and i had the chance to ride one of the many machines (which looked the scariest to ride). when we had a good break out of london for several hours like so, and then had to reluctantly come back, i felt like it was another kind of the midnight vibe i am intending in this project. for me and my friend, it was a back-to-home period after all the craziness we would not experience in daily life. it was a de-stress session, although short, such as going out to clubs and bars on weekend nights. it felt like a shorter trip on our way back, which was strangely, but accurately what I feel after clubbing on weekends. after i feel the perfect freedom is over, there is this weird emptiness i feel. it was funny to experience the same feeling during sunset, when it was not even midnight or early morning.

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