In order to get more inspiration and research, I went to the CSM library and searched up 80s-90s menswear magazines. Among the magazine pages, I found some images of over-made-up women, which seemed to suit the party look. Also, when I searched up books about rave culture, I only got books that were poster collections with acid visuals. I expected some real party photography results, but there were not much information about those. Also, i had an illustration workshop with john. i was always afraid of drawing fashion illustrations because i thought it was very different with fine art painting or drawings. however, i tried to make mix media samples, which i used then to collage with drawing the face, hair then the full body. i think drawing such illustrations in small portions, then extending it to the full body, then making my own template in a few poses was helpful and new. also drawing it outside of the sketchbook first made me easier to consider the composition and layout in the sketchbook. the workshop helped me to gain a bit of confidence in drawing illustrations. however, i still feel i need more practice to draw illustrations.

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