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At the beginning my costume was supposed to be a combination of geometrical shapes with expressive application of colorscontrasted with white geometrical shapes on it.

New fabric gave me new possibilities. When I worked with thick patchwork it was hard to achieve pure geometrical  form of my costume (because geometrical forms were also to appear as a painted elements . When I decided to use flax canvas which I lined with fleece(?) to make it stiff, my costume became more expressive and clear in shapeI resigned from painted geometrical forms. Only the shape of my costume will be refer my work to the geometric clarity  of Constructivists, while painting will be purely expressionistic.

I will not apply color with brush as I did it before, but now I will splash the paint straight from a bucket. This will be direct reference to the method used by Jecskon Pollock. It appears that even using the technique seemingly ruled by chance, you can build a variety of climates and (inner tensions.


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