Easter break progress

I began construction of my costume before easter break with my leotard pattern cut and fittings with my dancer tali to make sure that I had got the measurements right and everything fitted well. I feel that from here I have made huge progress with my costume; I sewed elastic into the seams of my leotard and made sure that it all stretched as it should and then inserted the chiffon into the waist line of the leotard which was a challenge but it worked. I am quite proud of myself as I have never worked with lycra or chiffon before and I managed to construct a lycra leotard from scratch with chiffon sewn into it. I cant wait for the fitting when I get back to class on monday. The only problem I have had is the fraying of the chiffon, I tried to solve this by painting a thin line of pva glue along the edges of the chiffon but this looked messy so I am hoping to seek advice from one of my tutors on Monday about what I can do to stop fraying but still make the costume look neat and finished well. 

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