I spent today editing in the library, I wanted the whole day to work on my film and print photographs to make sure that I had it all prepared for the exhibition. I did need the whole day to do this as i had a lot of footage and it took me a while to decide which parts I liked the best, which were needed, which ones put across my idea best and which ones were not so good or did not particularly add anything to the film. I finished my film though and I like the way I edited it, I played around with the speed of the clips because some of the more distorted movements were emphasised when the speed was increased, so I used this in parts to my advantage. I edited it so you can see what the costume can do when it is moved in in different ways, it follows a narrative of the performer breaking out of a tight material wrapped around her and then discovering everything around her when shee is free, it is a bit like she is being born for the first time, we see her fall and move cautiously and clumsily around the room feeling different textures and exploring her own movements. 

I exported the film in two formats, one for the showreel and one for my portable dvd player screen which I purchased to play my film on in the exhibition. However, there has been a problem and I had to change the format again to be played on the dvd player as it was not accepting the way I had exported it before which is strange as the instructions state that it should be an MPEG2 file which it was, despite this it now works in a different format and I just need to figure out how to put it on a loop for the exhibition and maybe burn it onto a disc just in case there are any problems with my memory stick. 

I'm proud of myself and the progress I have made in the past couple of days, I think I have really pushed myself and worked hard and thankfully I have completed everything I hoped to.

List of things to do before exhibition:

- Make sure workflow and sketchbook are up to date

- Show receipt of dvd player for PAT testing 

- Take part in peer assessment

- Write an evaluation

- Update bibliography 

- Update action plan

- Print out design sketch I want to be exhibited

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