Today, was filming day, I felt completely prepared this morning and was so excited to film and photograph my piece. My filming time in Archway started at 9 am and finished at Midday, I met my dancer Tali and my helper Daniel in the reception of Archway at 9, we transported all the lights to the white lecture space where I would be filming. We started with setting up the lighting which Daniel really helped with, I then sorted out Tali's Costume and some basic make-up and finished by attaching the wig.

I am so happy with how the costume moved and Tali danced and performed beautifully and really made the most of the movement in the costume. I love the distorted route we went down with the choreography and watching the footage back it reminds me of the transformation of a butterfly from cocoon to butterfly which is a really sweet idea but the choreography made it creepier and quite ominous which I think is a good effect to have. I think I achieved my theme of suppression and rebellion well in the filming and photographs -  the room I was given in Archway also added to the effect it was quite industrial, all white but there was not one wall without a pipe or plug socket or visible lighting above- i'm glad that this added an effect of a complete colourful individual flourishing in a plain and empty room. 

Overall, i'm really happy with the footage and photographs I took and I cant wait to edit everything together tomorrow and print some photos for my sketchbook.

For the rest of the day I helped out my friends filming that day and we helped get all the lighting back to kings cross in a shared cab. If today has taught me anything it is that so much needs to be thought of and organised to create a performance and record it; I also learned that it is always so good to have help and I am really grateful for Tali being a good dancer and doing everything i asked her to and also my friends who helped me with lighting and suggestions to make the piece stronger and also their reassurance that it looked good. 

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