Today, I went to class with the intention of completely finishing my wig. I worked on it all day but I still have a small bit left to do and I am sure I will be able to finish it with maybe one more hours work on it. I'm really happy with the progress and seeing it progressively being built up is quite nice because it starts to look more and more like hair and the texture becomes more interesting as it tangles and sticks together. I like the aesthetic of the wig best when i start to pull the gauze apart and comb my fingers through the less matted pieces. I think that the added length also improves the appearance of the wig as hair, the varied layers of short and long means that it starts to take on the appearance of dreadlocks and it actually looks like hair which is great. 

The wig is starting to remind me of Sia's music video for her song 'Chandelier' which is also inspiring me with choreography as it is quite distorted and to me shows both following a routine but also movements of freedom and a rebellion to be free of the flat that the dancer is performing in. 

Action plan for the weekend:

- Finish wig construction

- Make sure that the wig fits nicely and does not slip fro the head 

- Look at make up and how I can print it onto the face 

- Prepare materials for filming on Monday 

- Complete Neck piece

- Return screen purchased  as it does not play film and buy new screen that does play film 


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