Today, I went to class and continued working on my wig, im finding this really tedious now and i am so looking forward to finishing it. I am working on adding more length to the wig to make it more interesting for me and less repetitive. I am going to make a list for the rest of this week of what I need to do because I feel like there is so much paper work to be done on top of completing my costume and shooting the video and photos for the final presentation and exhibition of my work. 

Kate brought in her pinking shears for me to use on the edges of the chiffon to prevent any more fraying, I used these in the afternoon to cut along the edges of all my chiffon and made sure that I straightened out the edges as they didntt look very neat before, this was so effective and helpful, I feel so much better about my costume now and I feel that it looks more finished and professional. 

Tomorrow on my list of things to do:

- Purchase a screen to show final video on in exhibition

- Test screen plays video 

- Purchase pinking shears

- Start constructing Neck piece

- Continue working on wig 

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