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Daisy Collingridge BA Collection

created shapes inspired my quilts there were massively flamboyant and represented some of her childhood dreams.


The draping and construction of the garments looks pretty complicated. What kind of techniques did you use?

I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but I didn’t really have patterns. All 6 looks were made up as I went along. There was some planning; I had tried and tested the construction technique… The trouble with quilting, is that it completely changes the characteristic of the fabric. I struggled to find any fabric that was suitable to toile in. In the end I made the shapes in wadding, then backed the wadding with the lining fabric before draping the outer fabric on the top. Then I pinned all the layers together in a cozy sandwich, before finally quilting the whole darn thing.

What were your references?

My main reference was the children’s book ‘Were the Wild things are’ written by Maurice Sendak.


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