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His roomy casual collection for spring/summer 2005 entitled blindscape is all about flimsy, wear-over-jeans dresses and oversized dress shirts in pale cotton that are all held together by cropped, mannish tuxedo jackets. For daytime there was an array of easy-to-wear vests, rolled up shorts and sleepwear-like baggy cotton separates that were evidential of Chalayan's unseeing point of inspiration. "The only way I could imagine what it's like [to be blind] is to think of what you see when you're asleep and dreaming," he said. That explained jumbled images on chiffon prints that he'd fashioned into dresses, some cutaway and twisted to show off slices of flesh while others featured tasseled hems or fell off one shoulder to reveal more shadowy jersey vest. "I blindfolded myself and drew at random, and then manipulated the shapes to make the dresses," went on Chalayan, dedicated as ever to his subject.

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