I went to stitch workshop in Archway today to ask for some help. I cut a circle shape about 40 cm by using paper first, and then I cut two circles on the black and white cotton drill fabric. I cut the wadding about half cm less and I used the long ruler to cut two strips of fabric in order to make bias binding. 


What did I learn from today’s workshop?


The first thing I learned was that I know how to make good use of the paper to make sure I cut the fabric perfectly. What’s more, I also learned how to use the iron and how to make bias binding by myself. I learned lots of new sewing skills as well, for example how to sew bias binding, how to make the sewing line invisible after sewing. 

I bought some 10.5 mm eyelet and tools set, I used some scrapes of fabrics to test if it will work. I tried different ways to add the eyelet to the fabric. The eyelet set had different tools. A tool can be used to cut through these fabrics, the only thing I need to do is follow the instruction to use hammer. If I didn't hit the hammer not strong enough, this tool will not cut these fabrics evenly. If I hit the hammer too hard, this tool will damage the protection pad I put under these fabrics. 

After I did this model, I was thinking maybe I don't need to add the buttons on the front and the back, which was not very useful and also not very necessary. And I need to rethink about the connection part of my design, because the toggle button I got was a little bit too big to get through the eyelet. 

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