After a productive easter break, I went back to class with an almost complete costume, there were a few things I needed technical advice on. Unfortunately I had problems with my chiffon which would not tear as I wanted it to, this meant that I had to cut it which leads to fraying in chiffon, I tried to fix this with a very small outline of pva glue at the edge of each piece of chiffon however this doesn't seem to be working. I asked my tutor how to stop this and there are two possibilities, one is doing a roll stitch, which is done by hand along the edge of the chiffon, however this is quite time consuming and may cause the chiffon to fall in a different way; the second option is to cut the edges with pinking shears which will leave a zig-zag edge decreasing the risk of any more fraying - think the second option will be the most achievable in the time I have left. We alo talked about how I could make my wig longer and create the effect that it is stretching out and alive - I might also make a chiffon neck piece to show the material reaching out - I really like these Ideas which will build upon the costume I already have - this will make it visually more attractive and will hopefully add to the rebellious movements of the material that my choreography will show. Choreography is another topic we discussed, my tutor gave me advice not to go for the obvious option with chiffon which is a lot of leaping and floating, she suggested that I make the choreography more distorted and grotesque which I really think will work - I will be working on this choreography with my dancer before we film and photograph the costume on Monday. 

I have a lot to do this week, but with a well executed check list, action plan and organisation I think I will be able to achieve everything I want to.

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