Workflow presentations

Today we had allotted times to come into class and present our workflow sites to our peers for some feedback and advice, I thought i prepared my workflow quite well however I learnt that there is a lot that I could add to my site. I haven't been presenting my storyboards or the progression of my costume designs and I think i should do this because it will make my design process and the order of my thoughts a lot more understandable and readable. Today I will plan what i need to do over the Easter break by making a list of things to do and an action plan to stick to. I haven't been sticking to my action plans as i would have liked to due to issues that cannot really be worked around and I think looking at my original action plan I had been over-ambitious about how quickly I would complete my work; I dont think I gave enough time and thought into the design process in my original action plan so a lot of my making has been pushed back. However I know I have enough time to finish my costume and If anything goes wrong I will have the time to fix it. I had a fitting with my dancer today and the leotard fit well so I can now insert the elastic and really make a solid start.



This week I stuck to my action plan which I am really happy with I have learnt to be realistic about what I can create with the amount of time and materials I have, I planned what I needed to do around work commitments and I managed to achieve what I wanted so over the easter I will make sure my action plan is possible to stick to and this way I think I will be more productive and efficient in my work.

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