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Ursus Wehrli is an artist from Switzerland and tidying up art is a hobby of his. He explains how it all started with a painting by Donald Baechler (involves a person looking at some scattered red squares). He would look at this painting everyday until he could no longer stand the mess the subject of the painting was looking at, so he made his own version where the blocks are neatly stacked on top of one another.

Another example of his work was a painting by Jackson Pollock (very abstract and complicated, lots of splattered paint on a canvas) and Wehrli's tidied up version involved him simply putting the paint back in the cans (his final version was of a white canvas with full pots of paint all in a line). It is clear that Wehrli has a passion or rather an obsession with order and tidiness, however at one point he did say that sometimes even in order there can be chaos. As an example he asked the audience to all turn around and shake the hand of the person sat behind them. Of course everyone was then facing the same direction and nobody was able to shake anyone else's hand. This can also point out that there is a fine line between chaos and order, and this concept can also be judged by personal preference, opinion and taste. One man's order can be another man's chaos.

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