A Streetcar Named Desire - The Scottish Ballet - Sadlers Wells Theatre

I went to see the Scottish ballet adaptation of the play 'A Streetcar Named Desire' By Tennessee Williams, as It has themes that match the ones I am facing in my project. The storyline follows two sisters from a wealthy family who lose their home and inheritance and are left with no money, before they face this problem the younger of the two, Stella, moves away and meets 'Stanley' her partner; the eldest sister Blanche is forced to seek help from Stella and Stanley, she goes to live with them and finds it is not the ideal situation. Blanche finds that Stanley is an abusive partner and uses his power to suppress Stellas freedom. The story is very tragic and there is no force of rebellion that is effective against Stanley as Stella is in love with him and Blanches effort to make Stella leave fails. The story ends with Blanche being sent away to a psychiatric unit when Stella is convinced that she is mad when Blanche rightfully accuses Stanley of Raping her. 

The Ballet really told the story well and followed the narrative perfectly through the removal of speech and implementation of movement. The set was really impressive and mostly depended on movable building blocks which transformed into different props such as a bed, a table and chairs, and a luminous hotel sign. I think the most impressive and effective part of the set was one of the earliest scenes, as Blanche is left alone with only her house as inheritance, the house constructed from building blocks tumbles and crashes across the stage. I found this really effective in showing how Blanches life is falling apart and it is the beginning of the end. The costumes were amazing and I loved Blanches in particular, layered material in most of her costumes created a beautiful flared and glamorous effect as she moved, however at her most vulnerable this was stripped back to a simple shift dress, the silky material and single layer showed how her facade of being a wealthy woman was stripped away to the simplicity of her new life.

Overall I really enjoyed the performance, the dancers were amazing and I picked up some ideas for the choreography in my performance where i can show the suppression of my character and how she might break away from that. Im glad I went to this performance because it has given me a lot of ideas and it was also really visually beautiful.

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