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Pasona Tokyo Headquarters, Tokyo. Kono Designs. 

-A 215,000 square foot corporate office building for a Japanese recruitment company.
-Double skinned green facade, offices, an auditorium, cafeterias, a rooftop garden and urban farming facilities integrated within the building.
-Includes 200 species of a mixture of fruit, vegetables and rice that is harvested, prepared and served at the cafeterias within the building. Perhaps it should be the responsibility of each building to provide enough food for all its inhabitants while still maintaining net-zero energy or as close to it as possible. 
-Uses both hydroponic and soil based farming. Certain indoor crops are equipped with HEFL, fluorescent and LED lamps and an automatic irrigation system. An intelligent climate control monitors humidity, temperature and breeze to balance human comfort and optimize crop group after work hours. 
-All crops are harvested by employees with the help of an agricultural specialist. 
-Crops and workers share a common space


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