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Urban Skyfarm. 
By Aprilli Design Studio. 

-Inspired by the ecological system of giant trees. 
-Their theory is that building vertically will allow for more exposure of the plants to sunlight while freeing up land on the ground for shaded public space. 
-The use of the tree as their inspiration for the design is very effective but I worry that their approach is more dropping an interesting, functional structure onto a site that fits with it instead of responding to the needs of the site. As in, this design could have been placed anywhere because it is not integrated with what exists which has its pros and cons. 
-Urban Skyfarm is designed to be a net zero facility operating only on solar and wind energy. 
-Uses a combination of outdoor and indoor (hydroponic) farming. 
-What is the farm made of? Is it sustainably constructed? 
-The functionality of each part (base, trunk, branches, leaves) of the design is very well thought out. 
-The video rendering was very helpful in understanding the atmosphere of the structure. 


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