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Dreamscapes of Paris. 
Vincent Callebaut, Belgium architect. 

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut’s fantastical structures and futuristic urban landscapes are not to everyone’s liking, but one thing is for sure: They always get the internet talking. His latest images are a case in point, portraying Paris as an über green metropolis, populated with vertical farms, towers powered by photosynthesis and apartments made up of tessellating honeycomb modules, fused with traditional residential blocks.

Inhabitable bridges soar across the Seine, whilst tree-like structures entwined with mangrove plants spiral overhead. Weaving between the luscious high-rises, a spiderweb of monorails completes Callebaut’s outrageously utopian vision of sustainable architecture and infrastructure.

Given Parisian resistance to tall buildings following the debacle that was Tour Montparnasse — a tower voted the second ugliest building in the world on Virtual Tourist in 2008 — it seems far-fetched in the extreme to imagine that the concept designer’s forest of skyscrapers could possibly become reality, no matter how green they may be.

Nevertheless, much of Callebaut’s work is intended to get people talking about environmental issues within the built environment, and on this point alone, his renderings must be considered a huge success. His work follows in the footsteps of many architects and visual artists who create playfully absurd worlds, intended not as feasible proposals but rather to provoke debate and encourage us to ask: “What if?"

Consider working on your poster visualization in a similar style, showing the before and after, the possibility of a beautiful green city that can feed itself. 


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