March 23

Group progress tutorial with Laoura:
We worked through my intentions for my second site model and narrowed it to analyzing where people go to get food whether it is grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, markets, etc. I think the model will probably take the form of pins and thread on some kind of map that highlights the focus areas.
We also discussed how my four step approach/breakdown of the project could be considered a typology for urban farming. My understanding of this was that it can be an approach that can be applied to different cities to implement urban farming in this step by step process. The steps exist because it is logical and more efficient to follow that steps and stop only two you have reached the end or the needs of the population of the city have been met and they are now considered self sustained.
Laoura also suggested I take a look at C.J. Lim's student's work from the Bartlett School of Architecture for precedents because he focuses a lot on this type of theme.

Typology: a classification according to general type.
Typology (architecture and urban planning): taxonomic classification of (usually physical) characteristics commonly found in buildings and urban places, according to their association with different categories such as intensity of development (rural to urban), degrees of formality, school of thought (ex. Modernist or traditional).

We also evaluated ourselves today against the criteria that we will be assessed on at the end of the year. I found this to be helpful because it makes what is expected in each aspect of the project very clear and out in the open. I marked myself from a pass to merit range because I feel I've done good work up until this point but a lot of what is on the criteria I haven't completely finished yet, (as logically the project hasn't 'finished' yet). I do hope to pull everything up to at least a merit if not a distinction but this will depend on my time management over the Easter Break and how things work out during the period of time in which I will be away for an interview in Canada. I definitely need to plan ahead for my final model(s) so that I will be able to use my time very efficiently in the workshops once we are back from break. 

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