Today we had a lecture on the Unit 7 Exhibition and Assessment. This lecture made me think about how much time I really have left to complete my costume and get it documented, with this in mind I know what I have to do in the next few days before easter break to make sure I have enough time to complete and achieve everything I want in my project. I have the whole 2 weeks of easter to work on my costume at home and I hope to document this the first week back so that I have time to edit footage and photographs and get any photographs printed if i decide to display them instead of a video. 

I had a conversation with Marie about my university choices as I wanted to accept an offer by the end of today, after this conversation I felt a lot more  confident about my decision and I have accepted my offer to study costume for performance at London College of Fashion next year. Accepting this offer has given me more drive to make this project my best yet and I am really motivated to finish this project to my best ability. 

This evening i will order more gauze to make sure I can complete my wig on time - I am making time at work on the weekend to continue working on my wig during my breaks so that I can utilise all the time I get; I thought It would also be good to get the perspective on my project from other people who are not on my course. 

I am also looking at Rebecca Horn's work at the moment looking at how her pieces restrict movement and also alter movement as I think this is a strong visual link to my work in her piece 'Arm Extensions' 1968 and I wonder about the inspiration behind her pieces and the context.

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