Today, I wanted to continue working on my costume in class, I worked on my wig today as I wanted to see if the Gauze had the hair-like effect i wanted. I purchased a wig cap and 12 rolls of gauze to experiment with, I found the process of constructing the wig quite therapeutic and i really enjoyed seeing how the gauze layered and built upon itself; I separated and tangled the rolls of gauze and they began to look like matted hair, im really impressed by the way that it adapted to the format I styled it into. I'm happy with my progress with the wig however I have already used all of the gauze and i will need to purchase more in order to complete the wig. Tomorrow after our lecture on the exhibition and assessment for unit 7 I plan to fit the leotard to Tali to see if there are any adjustments that need to be made before I add the elastic and sew it on the sewing machine. 

I am happy with the progress that my costume is taking however I think I need more inspiration to contribute to the movement and choreography I want to be conveyed in my performance so I amlooking for dance shows to see over the Easter break, I am hoping to book the ballet adaptation of 'A streetcar named desire' as I know the play well and it has themes of repression and suppression between genders and I would like to see how a ballet choreographer would approach this idea through movement. 

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