Today we talked about protest and rebellion in class due to the recent events within our university. The student union have occupied the CSM office in protest against the huge cuts to foundation courses and Widening Participation across the UAL colleges; we were allowed to visit the protesters in the morning which was really interesting to hear their opinions on the situation. As a class I think we all feel quite attached to the protest as PDP students whose foundation course is set to be cut in the next couple of years. I felt that this really connected with my project on suppression and rebellion, I feel like as students we are being suppressed by cuts to funding and opportunities and people are beginning to rebel against these problems. With this in mind I continued working on my costume, I cut the pattern for my leotard and then cut it on red lycra/spandex material. I tacked it together so that my performer can try it on for size when i next see her. In the afternoon I started working on my white wig using a wig cap and white gauze to construct it. Im happy with my progress today and I am hoping that my performer is available for fitting tomorrow so that I can start to sew the leotard together on wednesday in the stitch workshop; I also hope to continue with my wig tomorrow although i think I need more gauze. I will keep the feeling of rebellion in mind when thinking about how my costume will move for the final performance.

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