I was thinking about the material I should use for the connecting part of my design. I used the cloth button to try it. I also research a lot of different materials like rubber, cord rope and leather and so on. I think I will use plastic to make the button shape, if I cannot find the proper size. 

I asked my friend to lay down naturally on the paper and draw the outer contour of him. Then I measured the length and the width My product may need to be. I think I will go for maybe between 160 cm to 170 cm which is the average height of people . 

I talked to tutor Kathleen she told me to think about sew my model like quilting. I can sew more lines on my product to make it fold naturally instead of folded by hand, which will make this more interesting. I need to think about what kind of material I should work with and I may need some help with the sewing skills. I need to consider how to sew the lines on this mattress things.

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