The Huggie

The Huggie is a pillow that can give babies new experience on sleep. Those two arms hug the baby when he sleeps. By having his mommy’s smell and temperature, The Huggie can make the baby feel like he is hugging by his mommy, In this way he will feel safe and sleep tight by himself.

- Smell
The Huggie has a space in the arm that allows user to put the fragrance and refill it with baby’s most familiar smell like his mommy’s smell to make him feel save
- Temperature
The Huggie has a heating system that allows the whole pillow be warmed up to the temperature the user want. The user can set up the temperature to the baby’s mommy’s temperature to make him feel loved.

The main material is microfiber, because the microfiber material wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the pillow cool and dry. And also it’s an environmentally friendly material.

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