teenage furniture

Our idea was to create flexible furniture adaptable to all the needs, but especially to the moods of the teenager. A red mattress based on a “pillow-net” fills the entire room. These pillow modules can be folded, rebated, risen in order to create the needed piece of furniture. The room is thus changeable, and it can exist in different shapes, in different situations: sleep, study, meeting friends etc. The mattress is 16 cm thick .It is composed of polyurethane coated in velvet fabric .The structure is a hidden aluminum frame, articulated at the joints of the modules. All the necessary pieces of the traditional furniture can be found here but they grow out this triangular net. The red color gives the space an optimistic atmosphere and shows the inner agitation of the teenager. The “pillow net” pulsates in the same rhythm as the life of the teenager.

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