self assessment questions


In what way is your project proposal critical?

The main point of my project is to establish the link with the starting point of my inspiration, which is The Clockwork Orange. For me this is the next challenge. Last project had to comply with conditions of transformation, change. Now, The Clockwork Orange is the main area of exploitation for my project.

I set myself the task  to create costume which will refer to Anthony Burgesse novel through such art trends as; punk, pop art and constructivism. In my opinion every each of them in some way is connected with the novel.

 What is the context of your proposal and how does relate to your studies.?

 My project refers directly to my studies as it explores the world of costume. Inspired by the three above-mentioned trends of art, I have carefully selected specific means of expression to create my costume.

 Have you analyzed and evaluated research in order to develop your ideas?

 To develop my ideas I conducted my research in many directions. Somewhat consciously, somewhat led by intuition, my mind turned towards areas most familiar to me. My idea is embedded in puck sub-culture. What is its purity and abstraction – is influence of Russian constructivists. The project is still in the research faze and actually every move is subject to verification.   

 How have I conducted the experiment?

 For me the entire project is based on experiment. I decided to use the fabric which I have never used before. Until the very end was not really sure if my idea about it will check. The interference into the material with paint was also an experiment. Of course, I could anticipate the reaction of my fabric but   from the experience I know that each material reacts differently to, for example, emulsion paint for walls. The new elements in my project are nails (studs – ćwieki ???) as I have never worked (experimented) with them before.

 What research have you undertaken in order to support your (designing) process?


Every time when I have to create a project in response to a given theme, I try to visualize the image of the theme which is induced in my mind. This is the first stage - the most emotional. (After this)(Then) I try to  figure out my personal attitude to the project. At the very beginning, when I BASED MY PROJECT ON PUNK culture, I imagined the attributes of the fabric which I would like to use. I was searching for them in other artists works, even if it would only be the starting point for thinking in some direction (Jackson Pollock). For me, new ideas always go hand in hand with research which stimulates my imagination and sometimes takes me into completely uncharted, yet interesting, areas.

 Have you developed your (technical understanding.?

 I think, that on each stage of designing I need to confront my ideas with reality, which is first of all costs and my technical capabilities. I hope that the letter will improve during the realization of the project. In costume designing, the improvement of technical skills largely depends on work experience with various materials, and this will definitely have place in this project.

 What methods do you propose to use in the creation of the final project? In what way, do you think they are appropriate?

 The method should always be?appropriate to the specific project. Properly completed project is an outcome of a vision and a method to make the vision to real. The realization of my project will be based on the work of three different materials: paint, fabric and iron.

The texture will also be very important. This will be the first project with such a strong my interference in the fabric.

  Are you reflecting on and evaluating your process ? In what way does this help you in your decision making ?


Yes, I do it regularly. At this stage, I concentrate mainly on the evaluation of my explorations and writing down thoughts that arise in my mind during the research. Recording reflections very well verifies their value. With time I will also evaluate the process of realization. This would allow me to work systematically and maintain order in my ideas.

How so far would you rate your action planning and how effective is it?

 I try to stay in line with my action plan. In fact, it consists of two parts; research followed by design and construction.

 How are u going to present your end-project and in what form would it be shown most effectively?

 I'm going to show a costume and I think, the best would be to present it on a mannequin. The viewer will not only see the shape and form but also the fabric.

I might use photographs to present my costume on human body. 

I would also like to have it on a model in various setups. Maybe for the final exhibition will build a kind of small background against which the project will be exhibited.



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