We had a small presentation about how to take photos of our final outcome this morning. We looked at some great examples about how to arrange the photography shooting. I learned that sometimes we could put our final outcomes with other relative products to take some photos and also I need to think about where I could put my final outcome and take some photos.

We had a presentation of two students from CSM Product Design Third Year. They talked about their Unit 7 Project to us. The male student chose to use ceramic。He told us sometimes it is hard to control the materials which may change quite a lot during the making process, so we need to leave more time to back up our plan. I should test more variety materials. Another student Pauline, she didn't do well in Unit 7 Project because she ran out of time doing her final outcome. I think time management will be really important for this self-directed project.

I brought my test scale model today to figure out if it will work.

What kind of problems I found from this scale model?

I found out that the soft fabric are not strong enough to hold the construction, maybe I need to change the material to some industrial wool felt or some stronger fabric. Normal fabric is really hard to remain the construction I want because it is too soft.

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