This morning I had my Peer Group meeting design presentation, where we could present our work and design process to our peer group, I was looking forward to getting feedback from my peers and Marie. It's good to have a group of peers in class who have seen your development and who you can look to for further advice and vice - versa throughout the project. It was good to get 5 different perspectives on my work - feedback I got was that perhaps a long white wig or a floating headpiece could add to the floating movements in the costume, it's also been recommended that I visit the stitch workshop technicians for advice and help with making my leotard, which i am planning to do next Wednesday.  

Today really helped me think about what i can do to develop my designs even further and now i am ready to start making and constructing my piece, for the rest of the day I started to work on part 1 of my costume as my action plan states. I looked up gauze and wig caps as was recommended to make a wig and i think im going to go with it, im really excited to start the making process.


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