Today, we had a workshop on risk assessments in the morning; this is something that is going to help me in the project as it progresses and for the exhibition. I now know clearly everything I need to keep in mind when recording my outcome and also when preparing it for the exhibition. I think the things i have to keep in mind are lighting and cables when filming and cables and use of electricity in the exhibition, cables are a problem due to trip hazards and lighting, for my dancer is important because low lighting will be used and this could be dangerous. 

I also started thinking about how I will exhibit my work - I need to film my costume because the transformation between suppression and rebellion must be clear for the audience to see. However, the projector and a television screen may not be available to us. This is a problem because I do not have a spare screen to show my work on so I may have to source or buy one especially for the exhibition. This might be a struggle due to price but If i start to think about it now i could find a solution.

For the afternoon I worked on my final designs so that they are prepared for the design presentation tomorrow morning. I made sure my storyboard was finished and made some technical drawings including Tali's measurements; I will also take in the materials i have gathered to give my peer group a better idea of what the costume will look and feel like and i think this will give a better idea of what the performance will look like and focus on with how suppressive and movement enhancing the variety of materials are.

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