Cubism and constructvism exhibition Tate and V&A Gallery

For me personally, these two exhibitions were very important and inspiring, aside from the fantastic feeling to see the works of my favorite artists in the real world.

Often , in my project research I am inspired by the abstract art - not only the one form the West (Europe and USA) but also from the East, which is known as Russian Vanguard.


Both these exhibitions form temporal unity . Constructivists and Suprematists (presented on Black Square exhibition) have their artistic roots in Cubism. In Tate Modern exhibition we can see works from different period of Cubism. It allows us to observed how this art evolved in different countries. We follow the way from the “geometrisation” of human body and reality to the new pure geometrical abstraction, based mainly on the relationship between shapes, scale and visual weight of separate objects. 

Beautiful and concise paintings are like the imitation of mathematical formulas seducing  us with their logic and clarity. 
These two exhibitions made me aware how crucial and important was this time for the future of art.


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