Evaluation Of Progress

Where are you in your project, Are you following your action plan? Does it need revision? 

How has model making applied your design ideas?

I am still making test models now. I am doing slightly different with my action plan. I think I need to revise my action plan a little bit. I used model making to test the function of my initial idea. 


What materials have you used? What materials are you planning to use for your next model? Why?

I used faked leather, felt and fabric to make test models. I am going to use the materials tutor suggested for my next model. Maybe thicker felt, because I need to think about whether It will work. 


How do you imagine a different material will further your design?

I imagine that maybe I could join two materials together to experience a new material. 


Where do you hope to this time next week in your project? How?

I hope I could have a clear Idea next week in my project and start model making of my final Idea.


Tutor’s feedback

I can start working on the ‘fixture’ / ‘holder’ part of my design. Maybe I can use a wood with two rubber ring to stick them together. I can explore appropriate materials such as boiled wool, neoprene, rubber, leather (look at tee pee) and Tarpaulin. And I need to work to a larger scale with my test models.

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