12 - 14 / 03 / 15


Trip to Antwerp and Brussels

In Antwerp the first place we visited was the Dries Van Noten exhibition, where his designs were exhibited alongside the inspirations taken in order to make each of the collection. This was so helpful and influential for us because it wasn't just looking at his collection, but we also got to see why and where he developed his ideas from. It was like looking at somebody's sketch book, and not just their final works. The collections I found particularly interesting were the ones that were inspired by a film, video or some kind of fetish, because those are the things that I develop my ideas from and it was a great experience to see where he had applied these inspirations in his designs. In Brussels the street market was probably one of the most exciting part of the day. We looked through many antique objects although I had no intention of buying anything other than clothes. I found a skiing suit and a nice dress to customise for my 'Kyuru Kyuru' photoshoot just under 6 euros. Although I didn't buy anything else, it was so interesting to look at very odd vintage objects such as a silk corset from the 50's to a broken and freaky naked dolls. Visit to Magritto Museum also brought my focus back to fine artists as a source of inspiration, and it reminded me that one of my initial source of visual creativity for unit 7 was surrealism. I wanted to focus on the odd composition and the unique, uncomfortable atmosphere surrealist paintings give to the viewer without using direct expression of grotesque images. 


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