11 / 03 / 15


To represent one of the textures which 'Nyoro Nyoro' is associated with, I initially wanted to hire a white snake. Obviously, that was too much trouble and money, so I had to come up with a substance that has a similar texture, white, wet and not expensive. The first thing which came into my mind was slime. I googled 'how to make slime' but most of the recipes online were produced by American people, who had access to 'liquid starch'... which is something very hard to purchase in the UK. The other alternative was borax. Borax is a type of mineral, which is still not purchasable in the shops around UK, but it was much cheaper than liquid starch if I was to buy them online. In the end I bought a kilo of Borax on eBay for two pounds. After that, making slime was easy- you only have to mix PVA, water and borax powder together. It took some practice to figure out how to make slime with the best consistency using each ingredient. 

Also, today the organisation in charge for 'Moseley Road Bath', an unused public swimming pool which I intend to shoot for 'Shito Shito' replied to my email saying they are no longer in charge of opening the venue for photoshoot, and therefore I have to contact 'Film Birmingham'... however 'Film Birmingham' seems to be an organisation who only deals with actual film / TV productions, and I am not sure if they reply to me at all. If they don't I'll have to come up with an alternative location for 'Shito Shito'. Through my research and development I already plan to shoot 'Churu Churu' in a bathroom, so even though bathrooms is a great alternative to shoot 'Shito Shito' for I prefer not to do that. I could 'stage' the photograph by drawing 'wet' and 'tiled' surroundings into the photograph via illustration, but I'm not completely sure if I'll do that.


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