09 - 10 / 03 / 15

Catch-up with Jo

I discussed what I could do for my publication outcome with Jo. Even though Brussels and Antwerp, and its landscapes might not directly have something to do with my Unit 7 theme, I thought I could photograph things that I find there which relates back to the visions and images that are associated to each of my words. To add more details, I could illustrate next to or on top of the photographs so that the publication doesn't become dull with repeated photographs of landscapes.


I was looking for location for the word 'Kyuru Kyuru', somewhere that has tonnes of colours squished in one part. Because Kyuru Kyuru is very noisy, crazy and fun, I knew I wanted the location to feature graffitis or maybe a colourful skate board park. I was speaking to my hairdresser, who has done hair styling for some magazines, and she told me about a tunnel in waterloo where anyone is free to graffiti in. I visited the place which is right behind the Waterloo station and thought that the place was very suitable for the 'Kyuru Kyuru' photoshoot, since it was like a blast of colour on every wall. I particularly liked the corner of the tunnel where there's an old gas meter and hundreds of used spray can thrown on top of each other. I am for certain that I will go back there to shoot for 'Kyuru Kyuru' as I am amazed at how colourful it is, but that particular corner was shady, ratchet and a bit scary at the same time. This is perfect because 'Kyuru Kyuru' is not just crazy, but it is a little creepy and mental as well. 

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