03 - 04 / 03 / 15


East End Thrift Store

Went to 'fill-a-bag' sale at the East End Thrift Store to find some cheap clothes which I can customise and turn into garments for my shoots. I filled a 10-dollar bag with one pink cotton dress, one red cotton dress, one blue cotton dress, a sequin dress, a blue bomber jacket, creme coloured knitted cardigan with flower patterns and a scarf which has a toy otter face on it. I think I'll use the blue clothes for my 'Shito Shito' photoshoot, and the otter scarf and the cardigan for 'Pafu Pafu'. I think I'll use the sequin dress not as a garment but as a prop, to lay on the floor or to cover part of the model. The red cotton dress will definitely used in the 'Churu Churu' photoshoot, and I will turn it into a two-piece set up and probably add latex or PVC waist band to create a fetish, school girl aesthetics

Progress Tutorial

Had a group progress tutorial with Jo. She really seemed to like the idea of translating Japanese words through fashion. For the upcoming video week she suggested to do a simple video, where I ask Japanese speakers to explain and even visualise their own opinions and meanings for each of the words I have picked. I really liked this idea as well because I thought if I shoot this kind of video with a  clean white background, it will then create a nice balance between (what I plan to be) my overly colourful photoshoots. 

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