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Moody Nest was created with the intention to provide an especially intense feeling of comfort, warmth and intimacy. The user should be fully absorbed by the opulent cover in order to be able calm down completely. The sofa invites the user to be laid-back, express feelings and let everything out. With its large cover Moody Nest will resemble the moods of its user, looking crabby, sleepy, playful or naughty.

The textile part of Moody Nest is more dominant while the base is reduced, compared to Moody Couch. The forming and cushioning characteristics of the textile fabric are strengthened by quilting two layers of 3D textile together.

The stitched squares are getting smaller towards the top to increase a sense of three-dimensionality of the textile surface. The base resembles a nest and consists of one wooden board at the bottom and 16cm of soft foam fixed onto the wood.

A double foam rim goes around the edge, strengthened with a plastic sheet in the middle, bending slightly but preventing the foam from bending down when you really lean back.

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