We filled a form about the primary and secondary research we done till now and the intention we  have for The Unit 7 today. And I used some existing materials in our Archway classroom to do some test models. 

The first material I used the paper to do some basic test models to find out whether my initial Idea will work or not. I also cut some little human shape paper scrapes put onto my test models to look at if it is functional. When I was testing this material, I was inspired by variety folding shape. Even I just cut some circle shape paper scrapes and fold it. I can get quite a lot of shapes by folding, twisting the paper.

The second material I tried was fake leather. I think this material is harder than paper, which is great to be a material for people to use if they are going camping, because it is waterproof and strong

Another material I tried was felt, which is stronger than paper, but much softer than leather and more comfortable. It was much easier to make different shape by using felt this material. I think I will try more materials tomorrow to test If it will work.

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